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Consultative Council of European Judges (CCJE)

The CCJE has an advisory function on general questions relating to independence,

impartiality and competence of judges. This leads it to prepare opinions for the

attention of the Committee of Ministers. The CCJE may also receive requests for

opinions from other Council of Europe bodies. Although the opinions given by the

CCJE take account of existing national situations, they mainly contain innovative

proposals for improving the status of judges and the service provided to members of

the public seeking justice. (see Opinions of CCJE)

Indipendenza dei giudici

Vigilanza sui Tribunali cantonali superiori

Procedura di nomina

Autonomia finanziaria dei Tribunali

Giurisprudenza (stato: 22.05.2017), [pdf] 

Dottrina (stato: 22.05.2017), [pdf]

Bordeaux Declaration (englisch), [pdf]

Déclaration de Bordeaux, [pdf]


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